Today's Workout: 052910

3 sets for max weight completed in pounds in 10 min:
Snatch Grip DL x 1
Snatch x 1
OHS x 1
Squat Snatch x 1
25 sec for 4 reps – i.e. you have to compete all reps in 25 seconds

Then: 50 Double-Unders – 10 burpees

40 Double-Unders – 10 burpees

30 Double-Unders – 10 burpees

20 Double-Unders – 10 burpees

10 Double-Unders – 10 burpees

…for time.

Isn't this supposed to be just exercise?

This is what went through my head last night at 8:15pm.  I was headed out the door, child-sized skipping rope in hand, being as stealthy as possible to keep the young'uns sleeping.  In between bouts of story-reading and potty-urging, I'd been streaking to the computer screen, refreshing facebook, twitter, and the Canadian Regionals site over and over again.  I couldn't stand sitting and watching anymore.

That afternoon, I'd done the Wall Ball / Chinups event.  My two-year-old did it with me.  He doesn't quite have his ABCs, but the kid knows his Wall Balls.  He laughed every time the treehouse rocked from my chinups. Tomorrow, I'm taking my five-year-old to a 1km kids' cross-country 'race.'  She says she's just doing it for the cookie at the end, but…..there are other ways to earn cookies.

And so, with both kids just over the edge of sleep, I crept out in my socks, determined to skip gingerly; to shy back from my patented 'Cooper Flop' burpee.  I opened the windows so I could hear the tiniest voice, should it need me.  The rope was too short.  After trying barefoot in the patchy yard, and then barefoot on the porch, I opted for a hunched-back, sock-footed double-under.  The tips of my toes are bruised; the sides of my feet are scraped; my burpees still wound up being as clumsy as ever.  But I did it in 6:49.  Then I ran in to hit 'refresh' a few more times.

Is CrossFit just another workout plan?  Is it just a website?

I don't know if the bugs were bad tonight.  I can't remember if it was hot.  I hope I remembered to turn off the hose after I stood under it.  I also know I wasn't alone out there: every time a little crumb of an update appeared on facebook or twitter, a half dozen 'likes' from my Catalyst friends popped up with mine.  It was as if we were standing all over town, shooting our hands in the air to be counted. Today, 17 kids from CASS drove a school bus to the Park to work on their Cleans with Mitch.  Last week, it was WC Eaket, on a two-hour bus ride.  All weekend, Whit will be in Okotoks with friends; they have only CrossFit in common, as far as we know. 

We have more in common, though: this weekend, gathered at barbecues and beaches and bonfires, after the 'how about this heat wave?' topic has run its course, we'll all be asked this one: "So…how are the workouts going?"  We'll say, fine.  Or even, great.  We won't talk about planning to steal 4 seconds from Fran next week (and that dirty ***** is never getting them back, NEVER!) We won't talk about intensity or even, "feeling the burn."  But we will feel it.  We'll feel it from two time zones away.


Postscript: as I write this, I keep skipping back to facebook for updates.  I get a message titled, "Proud father?" The whole text, from Sarah McLeod, was this: 13:27 was my time for the wod……just sayin'

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