Today's Workout: 060612

MelemmaEvery year, just before summer, we test your resilience.  Each of these workouts stands on its own as a tough highlight to a whole week of WODs.  Each is a highly-contested record on the Board.  If you're a CrossFitter, you may forget to buy milk, but you'll always know your Angie time.  In a world where we gauge success by performance at objective tasks, these six form a good picture of your progress.  Put together, they're daunting; your goal is just to survive, and try to PR at every single one. 

To participate, show up to as many as you can. Add your time totals together; that's your Baseline score. No special registration, but a special commitment. Try to make them all.


30 Clean and Jerk (135/95#) for time.

'Grace' is a very different WOD. For those who can't do the prescribed weight, choose a weight that's challenging to lift (if you can do more than 10 in a row, it's too light.) Aerobically-trained athletes will frequently choose a light weight and smash through in 2:00 or less, and say, "Is that it?" However, the function and benefit of Grace comes not from the elevated heart rate, but the total work.

Using this calculator, I can predict a total workload of 51659.74 joules. Running, by contrast, burns 5300 joules per HOUR – one TENTH the work output of 'Grace,' which I'll attempt in under FOUR MINUTES.

15,000 kilojoules (3500 calories) is required to burn off 1lbs of fat, if you subscribe to the antiquated notion that a calorie is just a calorie.  Funny how the same people who count calories also prescribe walking (1000 kilojoules/hour) for weight loss…

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