Today's Workout: 070812

Hill Run – 30 mins up and down, nonstop.

 - or - 

Barbell Lunge (rack position) – 65lbs x 10 steps

Single skips x 200

Single-leg raises (other leg hovers off ground; alternating legs) x 20

AMRAP in 30:00


Y'see those little white squares in the bottom left? Those are the buildings at the bottom of the hill. 750 vertical feet, baby – and YOU can DO it. There's a gravel road all the way up; Mel's giving us lots of time to get 'er done. Don't think about the mountain; think about how you'll feel when it's done.

Every summer, people sign up for challenges of increasing craziness – first, there was Spartan Race, and now Tough Mudder. They start at the bottom of a mountain, race up and back down with a team. They get a bit muddy, bond with their friends, and beam for a month. They call it life-changing; we call it Event #1. 

Below: Valleyfield Farms, from Sylvan Valley. You may recognize the egg-collector and his brother from the gym….


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