Today's Workout: 082511

Skill: Handstand Walk

Strength: Squat Clean Thruster 5-5-3-3-1-1

WOD: "Nancy"

5 rounds for time of:

Run 400m

95lbs overhead squat x 15

…for time.

This week's been a blur of activity at the Park! Dozens are getting ready for the Games (tomorrow is your LAST day to enter – do it here!) The Steel City MMA crew has been offering free classes, and drawing crowds of around 20 participants per day. On Saturday morning at 10:30, they'll be running a Jiu-Jitsu group for "never-evers" – folks who want to try a martial art who have never done one (or, at least, Jiu-Jitsu) before. Shorts and a t-shirt. Stick around after the 9am group!


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