Today's Workout: 090412

Some great colours at Searchmont already! It's going to be a beautiful weekend!

Overhead Squat – max reps at 95/65lbs – 3 attempts

Ring Dips – max reps – 3 attempts (alternate between the two exercises, then take a minute off.)

WOD: "The Lullaby"

At the top of every minute, do 5 snatches (75/45)

Then do as many burpees as possible.

Continue until you've done 50 burpees.

Then switch to Overhead Squats (5 on the minute)

As many double-unders as possible

Continue until you've done 200 double-unders.

This is a TOUGH workout, perfect for the last short blast before Sunday.  We'll break down into skill acquisition and practice after this. Enjoy!

Everyone – thanks for your vigilance. We've found pictures taken from on the sites of our competitors – who clearly can't generate a single picture of their own members doing anything awesome – and other gyms using the trademarked term, 'Crossfit,' in the last 5 days. IP theft IS a crime, and we have no doubt that if it were Catalyst doing the stealing, there would be lawyers invol

ved from the get-go.
However, the compassion and empathy that is a trademark of the Catalyst Family drives our behaviour toward those who wrong Catalyst, Inc. We are NOT everyone else; we're better. In six days, we'll demonstrate and celebrate the reasons why. Thanks again. Now let's all get back to training!

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