Today's Workout: 090811

2 Days 'Til The Games! What's your heart rate NOW!?!?

For time, completed in any order (you can even split them up!)

2000m row

100 double-unders

100 AbMat Situps

50 thrusters (45/35lbs)

50 knees-elbows

25 GHD Situps

This morning, approximate heat times will (finally) be released. Blame Coop for the delay. The weekend itinerary will also be released over on the Games site

Today, break a sweat, and then take it easy. Tomorrow, just rehearse movement. Don't lie down all day, but don't hammer anything either. Watch for the lizard brain to kick in….

Above: "Six Feet Thunder" is ready!

New here, and wondering what this is all about? Read "Six Myths of CrossFit Explained."

The CrossFit Games will be aired on ESPN2 on September 14! Click here for the promo video.

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