Today's Workout: 090911


24 hours from now, you're going to feel differently than you do now.

Whether in the limelight or on the sidelines, your heart rate will elevate higher than it could on any elliptical machine. You'll feel a tension that the recumbent bike, even if lit on fire, can not provide. This is living, baby. This is not-sleeping, too-excited-to-eat-but-too-smart-to-skip-a-meal, nail-biting sport.  This is CrossFit.

24 hours until the Catalyst Games 2011. 

Today, rest; but don't lounge. Stretch. Move around. Practice your lifts. Come in for any group – 7am, noon, 7pm – and practice anything you want. We're taking requests. No charge, free coaching for those last little tweaks that will shave precious seconds tomorrow.

Tonight, from 5-9, come pick up your shirt and shake a few hands. Out-of-towners will be around; coaches and referees will be here; the bars will be open. You bring the nerves, we'll bring the chalk.

Also at 5pm: Event #3 will be released! Watch on the Games Site!

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