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Sunday Morning Salvation – 9am! Get in and get thankful! The Park will be closed for the rest of the day.
Happy thanksgiving!
This year, I’m most grateful for TIME. First, to Robin and my kids, who never complain when I leave to cover a story or teach a seminar. Next, to our coaches, who fill in the gaps so completely that my absence is unnoticeable, even stepping in at the last minute when required. I’m grateful to volunteers who give their time to help guide others through competitions, and to parents who let their kid stick around and try. I’m thankful for the patience of Catalyst family members who allow us to change our schedule (and theirs) for events like the Teen Gauntlet.
Today, I’ll be flying to a place where parents beg, pray and do anything they can to get MORE time for their kids: St Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital in Memphis. Tomorrow, I’ll fly to Chicago to visit a school that’s changing the world for inner-city kids at a critical time in their development. I’m thankful for all of it.
Our goal at Catalyst has always been to make the rest of your life better. Today, enjoy your family, the food, and the weather. Tomorrow, we’ll reopen from 6am-12 so you can get back on track. Thanks for reading.

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