Today's Workout: 101711


Box Squat 5-5-3-3-1-1


Row 420m

21 OHS (M: 95, F:65)

21 pullups

Row 300m

15 OHS 

15 pullups

Row 180m


9 pullups

…for time.

One month from now, the Green Army will start preparing for the CrossFit Open 2012. Mitch and Coop have been working on a more periodized approach (last year's Open caught us off guard, and most team members' performances peaked around the first week.) It's important to train with a planned progression with competition the goal.

Right now: get strong. For the next few weeks, the WODs will change a bit for everyone: more localized muscle fatigue, more strength work. It's beneficial for all gym members to get stronger; for the Green Army candidates, it's also critical to get HEALTHY. This is not the time to 'work through' an injury. Get ready: you have a month.

We'll open registration for 30 participants this afternoon. It's not mandatory to train with the Green Army to compete in the Open in February, of course, but it sure helps.

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