Today's Workout: 111413

Photo credit: Marnie Scott

3-position clean to max
100 dumbbell snatches
100 double-unders
max burpees
10:00 cap.
The Ignite BrainWOD for today is posted here. Starting in December, regular Ignite workouts will happen in group format at the Park!
The 3-position clean is a challenge of maximum technique.
Two cans of “energy drink” and some old Metallica may get you a PR power clean, but only technique gets you under a bar from the high hang. Hip power, fast elbows and vertical torso are all necessary; catch even one of the three lifts badly, and it’s all for nothing. Be good. Smooth is fast.
How hard can a ten-minute workout be? You’re going to find out today. This may not be exactly what you’ll see in the CrossFit Open in the spring, but the fatigue factor will be close. The point is to make you tired and challenge you mentally through the dumbbell snatches. When they’re done, your grip will be taxed, and your posture may not be perfect. Moving from that brain/gut grind to a highly technical movement like double-unders is a test of your coordination and will: do you REALLY need to stop at 50 double-unders?
Finally, the real crux of the workout: how fast can you push yourself at a simple, but punishing, movement when you’re already tired? Do NOT let yourself stop on burpees. Every rep counts.
Don’t care about the CrossFit Open? The metabolic effects of this workout are such that it’s a must-try for everyone. Scale the snatch to a weight you can complete in under 6:00, and drop the skipping down to a level that will let you make it to the burpees with at least 1:00 left. This is a very high-intensity long interval; don’t waste time trying to link two double-unders together. Keep moving.

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