Today's Workout: 120911


Snatch Complex – 1 Power Snatch, 1 Hang Snatch, 1 Snatch Balance x 5

30 lunges

25 pullups

30 box jumps

25 double-unders

30 pushups

25 knees-elbows

30 wall ball

25 situps

30 kb swings

25 burpees

…for time.

What a crew! The SCMMA guys did a great job at the December 4 tournament in Detroit. They'll be doing their first EVER belt promotion ceremony on December 17th – aka "Greatest Day At Catalyst EVER" – among all the other great stuff going on.

Today at 11am, Coop's live over the internet answering any and all fitness-related questions. We have many already, but bring yours and feel free to ask during the talk, or chat live with other attendees. The link is here: all welcome! Be as anonymous as you like!

Tomorrow, Helen Scott (advocate from, an organization for the parents of gifted and bright children) will be speaking at noon in the Ignite! Academy. Come and listen, discuss, collaborate….Helen also has a ton of resources for parents, and we want your ideas!

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