Today's Workout: 121211

121211 005
Strength: Clean and Jerk 75% – every :30 for 10 rounds


Row 1:00, Rest 1:00

10 rounds for max distance.

Men: must achieve 3000m

Women: must achieve 2500m

Penalty:  10 seconds in a handstand for every 5m short.

This Saturday is the SUPERMEET! You'll have 2 hours to complete a 1-rep max in:


Clean and Jerk

Bench Press

Back Squat


Weighted Pullup

Entry by punch card or $10; contest runs from 9am-2pm (last start at 12 noon.)

At Open Mat on Saturday(12-2), the Jiu-Jitsu guys will be running their first EVER Steel City MMA Belt Ceremony! This is a tradition that's usually kept behind closed doors; come and get a glimpse inside the world of competitive martial arts!

Finally, at 4pm on Saturday, we'll have our Catalyst Christmas Party – with the greatest gift EVER! Bring a dish for the potluck (we expect around 100 people, but don't worry – you don't have to bring enough for everyone!) and take in a real Family endeavour: the Catalyst Gift 2012. Amazing. You don't have to be in the Catalyst Family to take part in the feast OR The Gift – just come and spend time with friends!

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