Today's Workout, and Good Luck Green Army!

Web This morning, a dozen or more Catalyst members will be doing the Cabin Fever Run in Sault, MI.  For some, it's a chance to improve on a best time; for others, it's their first 5k ever.  Enjoy it, folks! 

Meanwhile, we'll be doing:

Death By Tabata


Alternating Tabata Deadlift and Burpee

*Start the clock and perform as many reps as possible for 20
seconds of deadlifts. Rest 10 seconds. Then perform as many burpees as
possible in 20 seconds. Rest 10 seconds. Repeat this 14 more times for
a total of 16 sets. Your score is counted by the total number of reps
in 16 sets; 8 alternating sets of deadlifts and burpees .

*The entire workout should take 8 minutes.

…and then running 1-2k on our trail!

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