Today's Workout: Element CrossFit Challenge!


Above: some of the Element crew at Sectionals, including Jon Robichaud (right), who won the sucker!

Our fourth challenge, from Element Crossfit:

Ontario Online Challenge #4

With a 5 minute running clock:
Perform 50 Box Jumps 20" (Both men and women)
Use the remainder of the time to perform as many Front Squats at 115#/85# as you can.

Scoring: Total # of Front Squats.

Movement Standards

  • Box Jumps – Both feet must leave the ground and land on top of the box at the same time. Hips must open once participant is on top of the box. Participant may jump off or step off the box.
  • Front Squat – Bar starts on the ground. Participant can bring the bar to the shoulders any way. Bar must remain infront of the body at all times above the clavicle and below the chin. The squat begins from a fully standing position, must pass through the bottom where the crease of the hip falls below the crest of the knee, and finishes back in a fully standing position hips and knees open. 

Adrian will be coaching / screaming / beating his chest.  Also, he'll run the video camera.  Good luck!

CTV's interview with the Green Army before Sectionals:



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