Today's Workout: Kill Cupid

Now, that's love: Glen finishes his workout, and writes his time as a 'carrot' for Brent.  You can see Brent's response.

"Kill Cupid"

1 minute: as many sledgehammers as possible

1 minute: do the same amount of ball slams as you did sledgehammers

1 minute: do the same amount of donkey kicks as you did sledgehammers

1 minute: if you failed to reach the same number of ball slams and donkey kicks, you must do DOUBLE THE DIFFERENCE in burpees.   Otherwise, you can rest for the remainder of the minute.

5 rounds.  No rests unless you're fast (Cupid always gets the last laugh.)

Valentine's Day trivia: which Catalyst couple 'met' at a sleigh ride in the 8th grade, when he pushed her off the sleigh repeatedly, offered to help warm her back up, and asked her to the Valentine's Day dance?  Hint: 30 years later, their kid – currently in 8th grade – is ripping up our Youth record board.

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