Today's Workout: Ontario Sectionals!

This morning, Coop, Whit, Josh, Clint, Brent and Alecia are competing at CrossFit Sectionals Toronto.  They'll face three workouts, at 8am, 11am, and 3pm.  Tomorrow, they'll try the fourth.

And you will, too.  Starting at 9am, you'll get a shot at each WOD.

Coaches Mitch and Adrian take the helm this weekend (note to self: double the fire insurance) and they'll be hoarse by Sunday night, we're sure. 

Throughout the day, Brad Rennison will be emailing, texting and Twittering updates on your local buddies.  Follow along on this site, on Twitter, or on facebook!


For Time   3000m Row


3 rds for time

10   Overhead Squats     M95#/W65#

10   Burpees


AMRAP in 10 Min

5    Dead Lift     M235#/W150#

10 Pull ups

5   Ring Dips

The fourth WOD?  We don't know yet.  You'll find out when we do.  Now go hit it hard!  Let us hear you all the way in Taranna!

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