Today's Workout: Rowing Clinic!

IMG_0123 At 8am today, Gavin Grant – world record holder for distance rowed in 1 month – will be here to coach rowing technique, intensity…and share a few stories. He's a colourful guy!

At 9am, we'll do a rowing WOD:

500m row for time (rest while your 'rowing team' takes their turns)

2000m row – the gold standard for indoor rowing times

Fish Game Challenge!

The clinic is free (if you've already pre-registered! If not – sorry! Sold out!) and the 9am group, as usual, will require a CrossFit punch card.

Also today: the start of Rumble/Tumble (downtown at 9am;) Open Gym for Catalyst Kids (downtown at 10am;) and Open Roll for Jiu-Jitsu (downtown at 11am!)

Big news in Ignite! today – Ty's teaching is Certification Pilot weekend at Alexander Henry! Woo hoo!

Big news on the shirt rack: the CrossFit Games Open Green Army Team shirts are in!

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