WOD 041609

Dr. Luc Duchesne, Head to Toe
Is he ultra-hardcore, or just willing to take a shot?

Complete as many rounds in 20 minutes as you can of:
24 inch Box Jump, 30 reps
115 pound Push Press, 20 reps
30 Pull-ups
An incredible testimonial we received this morning fro Kai Tuomi:
Coaches and scouts will tell you, if you want to play at the next level, whatever that may be, you need to really separate yourself from your peers. When I’ve asked coaches or scouts what I need to do to get to the next level, I’ve been told from many people, “you gotta be the hardest working guy on that field and in the weight room every single day.” I’ve always taken that to heart, showing up to my practices ready to work with every intention of getting better that day, and it paid off immensely. However, I felt I needed to bring that same intensity to my off season regimen, something I felt I haven’t been doing in previous off seasons as well as I could be. I just found it really tough to work out as hard as I wanted to away from the team atmosphere. Thankfully I found Catalyst, and over the past three months I have had the most productive off season of my life doing a custom program designed specifically to fit my needs as a pitcher. All it took was one workout to realize how knowledgeable and committed the staff at Catalyst is to help you reach, and exceed, all your goals. 

But what really separates Catalyst from anywhere else I have trained is the atmosphere. You will notice right away that there is a sense of community between everyone at Catalyst, everyone is helping each other no matter what their goals are and it makes showing up to the gym something to really look forward to. Another thing that can be hard about serious training is finding the motivation to work hard every time you are in the gym. It is very easy to make excuses and workout a little easier on a given day when you are not properly motivated, but at Catalyst, there are no excuses and the staff will push you and drive you to get the very best out of yourself every workout. You will begin looking forward to the challenges awaiting you each day at Catalyst, and you will be amazed by the results.

So now I’m heading south for baseball season, feeling better than ever. There is no doubt in my mind I worked harder and more effectively than any other pitcher on my team, and it’s going to show come season. I will continue to work with Catalyst during the season as well on a custom program that will help me stay healthy and at my best every game.
Thanks for everything Catalyst! 
One more thing I’d like to mention is when I sit down and talk to some of my old teammates who are now out of the game, they sometimes tell me things like “If I would have just worked a little harder, I wonder how much better I would have been.” Don’t be one of these people, do everything you can to realize your full potential. I truly believe Catalyst will help you get there, and whatever happens you will know that you have nothing to regret, because you did everything you could to become the best you can be.
Thanks again to Chris, Tyler, and all the Catalyst staff for helping me reach my full potential. See you guys next off season.

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