WOD 052909

30 Muscle-ups for time

If you cannot do the muscle-ups do 120 pull-ups and 120 dips.

Dozens of people taking our June Zone Challenge!  Tomorrow at 10am, we'll have a special 30-minute explanation of the Zone strategy (it's NOT a diet!) and Q&A with Coach Coop.  10am at the Park.  Come and do the 9am Group first – one of the best CrossFit Groups all week!  

On July 18, 5 Catalyst Coaches will compete in the Ontario CrossFit Challenge in Oakville, ON, against the top 100 CrossFitters in Ontario.  Each Friday, we'll feature a profile of one of these Coaches as they prepare for the Challenge.  

IMG_1603 Bio:  Mike has spent the last three years going the distance, literally.  Two marathons, a half iron distance triathlon, and several half marathons later, he's ready for a new challenge….the Ontario Crossfit Games.  Mike loves to learn and play new sports and hates to be stationary (he falls asleep when that happens)  Outside of Crossfit, Mike loves hockey, snowboarding, Ultimate and is currently trying to learn to skateboard.  

Weight: 190lbs   Height: 6'0"   

Favourite WOD: Kelly, and Mid-Atlantic Qualifier (21-15-9 of full squat snatch and pullups..love it because it's a great measure of my progress, not because I'm good at it…yet.)

Strongest link: Endurance
Weakest link: Going overhead

Nutritional Strategy: Lots of coffee.  Nutrition still needs to be dialed in.  Starting to lean more towards ZONE eating, but still stuck in the old endurance mentality of too much carb.  Tend to think of nutrition as fuel, not food, especially on big workout days.

Training strategy: Main site WOD 3-4x / week, 1-3 days of Crossfit Endurance, running/biking with clients 2-3x/wk.  Trying to eliminate weak links right now to get ready for the games.  Slowing some workouts down in order to practice legitimacy over speed. 

Comments: Love the community we're building with Crossfit in the Sault!  Cautiously optimistic about how we'll stack up in T.O!  

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