WOD 060209

IMG_3276 Overhead Squat 5-5-5-5-5

Wow, the Zone Challenge is off to a great start!  Dozens of blog entries yesterday.  A few small issues, but nothing that can't be solved if you have a great community with you!  
Coach Whitney contributed this chart to help figure out Zone blocks: MityMous Chart
Carolle's meals were the most interesting; here's one of her recipes.
Overall, those who were prepared had a fairly easy time; those who weren't prepared struggled.  No surprises!
Sbss-logo(sports) Welcome St. Basil's Saints!  Today: CAT Testing.  You'll be tested on Aerobic Capacity, Power, Speed, Agility, and Stamina.  Over the summer, you'll track your workouts (wherever you choose to do them) on CatalystTrainer.ca; your coaches will be watching!  Then, as the off-season winds to a close, we'll retest; strengths and weaknesses will be painfully obvious.  
In the next week or two, we'll run a free workout for your team at Catalyst Gym.  You'll learn to do Cleans; you'll try out some Strongman equipment (maybe pull a truck?) and you'll do a REAL Catalyst Football workout.

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