WOD 061909

Complete as many rounds in 20 minutes as you can of:
Handstand push-ups 5 reps
Bench press 135 pounds, 10 reps
Push press 95 pounds, 15 reps

Dips 20 reps

On July 18, 5 Catalyst Coaches will compete in the Ontario CrossFit Challenge in Oakville, ON, against the top CrossFitters in Ontario.  Each Friday, we'll feature a profile of one of these Coaches as they prepare for the Challenge.  This week: Coach Coop.

IMG_2123 Bio:   Owner of Catalyst Fitness and Catalyst Gym, married 5 years to Robin, 2 kids (Avy and Orry) aged 4 and 1.  Non-sleeper.  ADD but not OCD, I enjoy acronyms and DL'ing.

Weight: 190lbs

Height: 5'11

Age: 34, as determined by cave markings and carbon dating 

Favorite WOD:  Diane (2:51)

Strongest Link: Deadlift

Weakest Link: Running

Nutrition Strategy: Zone Diet/Robb Wolf strategy: 6 meals/day, heavier on fats toward the evening.  I skip the carbs in my midmorning meal, and have a small meal of ALL carbs (about 3 blocks) right after the workout, followed 30 mins later by a 'full' meal of 3C,4P, and 5F.  I make up the 'missing' Fat Blocks by scattering them through the day.

Training Strategy: CA OLY lifting 5 days/wk, and main site WOD 4-5x/week for another 2 weeks.  Then I'll switch to purely the main site WOD only, perhaps adding weight to the bar or myself.  Warmups include practicing double-unders, muscle-ups, and other stuff at which I suck.

Competition strategy: I'm a big fan of everybody who does CrossFit, so I'll try to focus on the job at hand instead of looking around and going, "Wow!  Look at THAT guy!" at every WOD.  I'll have to work hard to handle the heat over the course of a long day.

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