WOD 062309

IMG_1592 Front squat 3-3-3-3-3 reps

The longer you've been doing CrossFit, the tougher this WOD will be.  CrossFit uses a lot of heavy singles (1 rep) and triples (three reps) to stimulate the Central Nervous System.  Most workout 'programs' fail to challenge the CNS, but it's absolutely critical to the development of power and strength.  CNS recruitment is the reason that small powerlifters can lift more than you.  CNS activation is the reason sprinters can run faster than you.  CNS activation is the reason gymnasts jump higher than you.

The stronger you are, the more available muscle tissue you can recruit.  That's why a set of 3 front squats is more fatiguing the stronger you are, even if bodyweight is held constant.

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