WOD 081109


Row 250m for time
Hold a kettlebell in each hand in the 'upright row' position (elbows over ears, kettlebell at chest) for the same time taken to row 250m.
3 rounds without rest between. Pairs version: 1 rows, one holds.  Choose this option if you have a good rowing partner!
Clean 1-1-1-1-1

Tyler's Olympic Lifting for CrossFit miniclinic is this Saturday at 10am!  A few spots are still open.  Of all the physical skills we use in CrossFit, the one that requires the most coaching is definitely OLY lifting.  Tyler was taught to clean and jerk at Graceland (where he attended on a baseball scholarship) and continues to refine his technique.  Above: his first 250lbs clean.  Not only do you have to know how to succeed, but you have to know how to fail safely.  When operating in the margins of our skillset, we're going to miss the first few attempts.  That's okay.  It's mandatory.  Tyler's clinic isn't, but it should definitely figure into your weekend plans.

The MiniClinic list.  Watch for 1 more MiniClinic to be added today, starring Coach Whitney!

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