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Close to Fort Creek Recreational Area, right off the Hub Trail, just down the street from the Water Tower. Whether you want to do your workouts at our gym, at Hiawatha Highlands, in your garage or on your dock on St. Joseph Island, our coaches will tailor your fitness program to you.

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Stephanie Hopkin
Stephanie Hopkin
August 2, 2022
I have been a client at Catalyst for about ten months now and my experience training with Mike has really changed my whole outlook on fitness, health and what my body is capable of. I initially started with Mike while I was six months postpartum and was hesitant about training with a male coach. I knew my focus would be getting back into running shorter distances (5-10km). Not only was I ready to run 10km races in six short months, I achieved PBs on race day and am now training to run further distances/races. Mike showed tremendous support and grace as I made my way back into my fitness routine and out of my first year postpartum. I think of my Catalyst days as "full body care" and really lean into the process as I know I'm in good hands with my coach. The facilities are clean, the staff are super welcoming and I consider Catalyst a very important part of my overall self-care practice.
Thomas Pringle
Thomas Pringle
February 28, 2022
My biggest surprise was that each day there was new information & guidelines. Jessica Sally was very helpful and kind. She had a half hour session with me and gave very good advice. I am now aware of healthy nutrition at each meal and proper portions on my plate. I am also using recipes that were provided. Highly recommend Jessica!
Nicole Burns
Nicole Burns
February 24, 2021
Always an awesome experience! Such a supportive coaching team!
Jeremy Rody
Jeremy Rody
September 29, 2020
Awesome gym and community. Very welcoming and knowledgeable. Great place to start or continue your fitness journey.
Mehdi at CrossFit South Arlington
Mehdi at CrossFit South Arlington
July 22, 2020
The owner, Chris, is one of the most thoughtful business owners I have ever met. He cares deeply about his clients, he is fully invested in building a GREAT fitness gym and puts his staff to be in the best position to succeed. This box is a must visit in the area!

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