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Tammy Beilhartz: The Other Beilhartz

3.5 years ago, my husband Chris and I wanted to try an activity to help us “get fit”. After seeing some Facebook posts we thought- what would it hurt? Well, it hurt my legs, my shoulders, my arms, my butt and basically any other part on my body that moved, BUT it hurt so good that we decided to give it a longer trial. I really enjoyed the fact that we weren’t just being hamsters and running on the treadmill, that each day was a new WOD.
Charity was our personal training, and she quickly became so much more than a coach to me. She pushed me out of my comfort zones and soon became the bright spots to my Monday, Wednesday, and Friday mornings. The day I was told that she was retiring from coaching was a tough day. While I was so glad that she was happy in moving forward, I was left with many tears, I even wondered if that would be the end of Catalyst for us. I had been left thinking about so many possibilities that could go wrong without Charity there to smooth my awkwardness out. Would I ever be as comfortable with Jess as I was with Charity? Would I connect with her? Would she be too intimidating for me? To be fair to Jess, I had to give her an honest to goodness try. Jess is definitely a keeper!! From the moment I walk in the door, she is there with a smile, a quick tease or witty comeback and a laugh. I love laughing and seeing people laugh, it helps me to relax being in that type of environment. While we are warming up we catch up on daily events and then she turns on the seriousness. While pushing me, she keeps smiling, offers encouraging words of advice, and just calmly keeps me moving. Jess is so much more than a PT; she is my marriage counselor, therapist, doctor, coach and a friend.
Instead of just saying what brought me to Catalyst, I have explained what kept me at Catalyst. Jess is what keeps me coming every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, and Jess is what keeps me proving to myself that I can do this. It is definitely the people that I have met, from the staff to the athletes that keep me here at Catalyst.
I have had so many proud moments while being part of the team. Every time that I can put my mind over matter and tell myself to finish this workout is a proud moment. I have never been an athlete, have never been on an organized sports team, so I don’t feel comfortable working out while others watch, but I did compete in The Catalyst Games and I did survive, that was another proud moment. The way that I can now look at myself in a Catalyst t-shirt with “athlete” stamped on it and not feel like a poser… proud moment. Helping with the Catalyst Gift…proud moment. When I feel stronger than I ever have…proud moment. When I get through a movement without over thinking it…proud moment. My husband and I are with each other 24/7. We ride to town together each morning, we work together each day, and for the past 3.5 years we have worked out together as well. So while my proudest memories are not getting a PR, or competing and winning, it is the fact that for the last few years, I have worked out beside the person who’s opinion means the most to me, and when we have finished teasing and tormenting each other during our workout time, and finished dying at the gym, and laying on the floor after, I am so proud that we continue down this path together.
I’ve already explained about how I feel competing in front of others, I am sure that it’s due to the fact that I don’t like being the center of attention. That being said, I was happy to be a part of the judging team for the 2016 Catalyst Games. I thought it would be a win/win for me. I could be a part of the “family” without having to compete and feel that I was being centered out. WRONG! While judging the ball throw, a competitor who is the kindest, bubbliest, always smiling athlete, from one row over, threw her medicine ball and hit me in the head. Instant center of attention! Thank you Cindy Henson for proving to me that I can survive having so many people stare in shock at me, at least it wasn’t from something that I had done!
Tammy pic