We practice an objectively-measurable fitness.
We know when you’re getting better. We don’t use the scale, and though we love how much better you look and feel, we want to know how much better.
First, that means defining ‘fitness.’ As a CrossFit gym, we follow the definition built by Greg Glassman when he couldn’t find another one that works. You can read it here. But for now, know this: fitness is objective, measurable and repeatable. No one at Catalyst is “just maintaining.” No matter what our strengths and weaknesses, everyone is working hard to get better.
‘Better than yesterday’ is a popular CrossFit slogan, and it could be a life mantra. The trick is to KNOW WHAT YOU DID YESTERDAY. That means tracking your workouts.
Yesterday’s workouts were a great place to start: a max front squat, and an annual checkup (“Robin.”) Were you better, or worse, at both?
We write your scores on a chalkboard every day. Then we submit those scores for tracking to a service called SocialWOD. Your scores are all there, for the last two years. Waiting for you to compare. We pay for it, but you don’t pay a dime. It’s on us.
Click here to register, claim your chalkboard name, set goals, and check your progress! You can even see how everyone else did.
Because we coach you to be fit, it doesn’t matter how fit you are when you start. Even if you can barely move, we can help. Our coaches are effective and efficient: within months, you’ll be doing things you never thought possible. You can hold me to that.
Are you more fit than at this time last year, or less? Start counting.