Private, Semiprivate or Group?

Catalyst started as a private 1:1 training studio.

In 2008, we added group training.

A few years later, we added semiprivate (2:1, 3:1 or 4:1 training).

Now our clients choose group training, semiprivate or private based on their schedule, budget and training requirements.

What’s best for you? Here’s how to choose:

Private Training

You’re 1:1 with a coach. You have full control over:

  • Your schedule
  • How often you attend
  • Your training plan (your coach will build it specifically for you)
  • Your exercises and modifications
  • The coach’s full, undivided attention
  • Your privacy in the gym.

Choose 1:1 if you don’t like working out with others; if you have special training considerations or goals; or your schedule frequently changes.

Semiprivate Training

You’re working on your own program, others are working on their own program, and you’re sharing a coach with 1-3 others. Almost all of the benefits of 1:1 training at a slightly lower rate than 1:1.

You have full control over:

  • Your training plan (your coach will build it specifically for you)
  • Your exercises and modifications
  • How often you attend.

You have some flexibility with:

  • Your schedule
  • Your privacy in the gym.
  • The coach’s full attention (it rotates from person to person, but it’s there when you need it.)

Group Training

Group training is for those seeking general fitness in a coached setting at a lower rate than private training.

Group training is 1:4 clients, and up to 1:10. A coach will help you stay motivated and correct any movement problems. Group training is a fun and less expensive way to be coached.

Your coach will control:

  • Your training plan (you’ll train for general fitness, using the same programming as others in the group)
  • Your exercises and modifications
  • Your privacy in the group.

You will have some flexibility over:

  • Which groups you attend
  • How often you attend
  • The coach’s attention (though you’re in a group, you’ll still receive a little 1:1 attention to keep you moving safely and efficiently.) And you can always ask for help at any point.

Which is best for you: private, semiprivate or group?

Choose 1:1 if you’re new to working out; don’t like exercising in groups; or prioritize your schedule over everything else.

Choose semiprivate if you have specific needs (like training for a competition or coming back after an injury); prefer some flexibility in your schedule; or like being around your buddies, but not a big group.

Choose group if you just want a great workout without specific goals; have a set schedule to your day; or prioritize your budget over everything else.

Everyone deserves to be fit. The fastest path to fitness is with a coach to teach, motivate and keep you accountable. Catalyst is the Sault’s most experienced fitness coaching facility, and we’d love to help you change your life!

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