Mary Greenwood: Right Next Door

There was no excuse for not going to Catalyst. They moved in right next door to where I work and that was perfect timing. I had been out of any exercise program for a couple of years. The first time going was was in a private lesson with Jessica,she automatically made me feel comfortable. Since then I have been coached by most of the staff and every class just gets more fun, and I truly do mean more fun.


Since starting in September I now think that rowing 500 meters is just part of the warm up, cause now I just rowed 9000 meters and actually walked away feeling great. So that has lead me to go in a little rowing competition that they have on right now for the month of January. When I sit at the rower everyday and look at all the different ages,sizes and abilities I realize what a welcoming place this is. You pick your pace and stick with it and nobody ever discourages, they only encourage.
So thanks to a wonderful team,looking forward to a long time together!


100, 000m completed in January and a selfie with Coop!