Shannon Morrison: Flying Under the Radar

There were two reasons that brought me to Catalyst.  I have never considered myself to be a “gym person”.  I was diagnosed with cancer six years ago  and the stress from having a child with an illness had caused me to gain weight and lower my self esteem. At this time  I was also thinking of a possible career change which would lead to physical testing.
My very first ti
\me at catalyst was a meeting with Jess!  I was greeted with a smile and she managed to relieve my stress about joining a gym.  A few months of procrastination went by and  I finally scheduled my On Ramp.  The very first workout I thought I may die, but with Jess’ support and planned workouts I have managed to keep going so far and have become consistent.
My first impression of Catalyst has not changed at all!  People are very friendly and have made me almost a “gym person”.  The atmosphere is open and easygoing which is what I needed.  The friendly and laid back approach is what has made me keep coming back.
Consistency and actually showing up to the gym each week has caused my greatest improvement.   I meet with Jess one day a week and then she provides me with interesting and challenging homework.  I find the homework allows me to have a plan before I enter the gym.  I have set a goal to attend at least three times a week and have managed to meet that goal for some time now…….and I am actually enjoying it!
I am currently working on consistently showing up week after week.  I am really enjoying the different lifts that Jess is teaching me, but could do without the burpees!  I am starting to feel comfortable and slowly confident at Catalyst.  I would like to have enough courage attend a crossfit class at some point.
I never thought I would have a favourite memory from a gym.  But I do!  I was given a compliment on my bench press form by a strong female member.  It gave me the confidence to keep going and look forward to more goals being reached.  Jess has made it attainable for me to have a family, a job and go to the gym. I usually leave with a smile.