Steve Bassanello: In The Heart of CrossFit

I like to run marathons but over the past few years I was experiencing a decline in both my performance and in my results. I was following the traditional running plans but all those kilometres had me feeling sluggish & exhausted.
As I was driving down Second Line I noticed the Catalyst sign standing tall by the road side. I had been a previous member of Catalyst several years prior, so the timing seemed right to re-boot the Crossfit workouts.  I stopped in for a visit and was welcomed by Jessica and within a short time… I returned to Catalyst.
I was initially impressed with the great feeling of doing crossfit in a crossfit facility.  During my first years at Catalyst I would visit the gym once a week & meet with Mike Watson for my 1:1 coaching.  I’d get my homework & do my workouts at home.  But now with my open gym membership I was truly in the heart of crossfit doing my WOD’s with all the dedicated CrossFitters.  It felt good.  I always get a sense that each person has their own reasons for being their & their own goals they are progressing towards.  We have different levels of fitness but we all share a common bond to get there.
My first impression of Catalyst has not changed but my reason for being there has.  Although I still want to use crossfit as way to improve both my running performance by way of Crossfit workouts & re-learning how to run more efficiently.  I have a better appreciation of how crossfit has such a positive impact on my life… Physically, mentally & emotionally.  I just feel better. And feeling better simply makes everything in life better!
Adding 1:1 weekly coaching with Jessica to my open gym membership forged me into a positive direction.  When I rejoined Catalyst I followed the daily WOD’s posted on the Catalyst, Crossfit or Crossfit Endurance sites.  That was good.  But getting 1:1 tailored coaching from Jessica clearly made an improvement.  She does an amazing job of guiding me through each movement, round & workout.  Plus she supplies me with homework as well.  I am pretty self motivated but Jessica’s positive coaching skills ensure I stay on the right path to getting more fit & stronger.
Along with getting more fit, stronger and learning new movements, I’ve got my sights set on the Sault International Half Marathon in September.  I’ve rethought running as a skill and will use a 6 week program to learn the pose method technique of running.  And then I’ll jump into an 11 week half marathon Crossfit Endurance training program.  Of course, I’ll continue to work side by side with Jessica as she coaches me through the weekly WOD’s.
I ran consistently every week for the past nine years. Seven months ago I decided to get better at running by stopping running.  For the past seven months I’ve been doing only crossfit workouts.  Recently. I ran a steady paced 5km in 28 minutes.  For me, this result is a clear testament to the benefits of crossfit & truly a personal favorite moment.