Sylvia Cormier: One Year In

The first time I set foot into Catalyst was years ago.  A friend of mine had tried it out and she loved it and felt I would enjoy it too.  At the time there was a CrossFit lite class, no weights.  I was glad there were no weights because I had never worked out before and had no idea what to do with them or how I would manage.  She was right, I did love it.  I learned a lot in the few short weeks I attended the classes.  During that time, I was a smoker and working out was very difficult for me so I stopped going.
Fast forward a few years:  I successfully quit smoking (2 years now) and I had been working out at a gym for a year but it wasn’t enough anymore.  I hit a wall, which in turn made me not want to go anymore.
Charity posted that there was a New You Program starting to get women started with Crossfit 3 days a week.  It was a sign!!  So I signed up.
I learned so much about myself during the New You course I fell in love with everything CrossFit.  Up until that point I never heard of Clean and Jerk, Snatches, Deadlifts.  These were all scary movements that I was worried about trying.  I quickly learned I didn’t have to worry at all, we are taught the wrong way and the right way to do it and they watch us closely so we don’t get hurt.  I was hooked!!  After the New You program was over I signed up right away for a full time membership.
I showed up for the 6 am class, nervous about a new group and how it was going to go.  Again I didn’t have to worry!  Catalyst is a family where everyone is welcome all the time.  The 6’s happily pulled me into their group and made me feel comfortable and happy right from the start.  Everyone is super fun and supportive, they help push me to do one more, or add a little more weight and you can do it!  Every day I look forward to what the work out is going to be, how much will I lift today?  How many reps will I do? Will I get a PR today?  I always go home and tell my family what I accomplished!  To me it’s an amazing feeling starting out my day with an amazing accomplishment.sylviaMy proudest moment is being part of the 2017 Open.  Having someone WANT me to be a part of their team was am amazing moment for me.  I was hearing all about the Open and how fun it was going to be and I really wanted to participate but I wasn’t sure if I would be chosen to be on a team, so when I was asked it was a very proud moment for me.
Box jumps!  Everyone loves box jumps right?  Well I’ll never forget the time I was doing a WOD that had burpee box jumps in it and I was cruising along doing great and set up for a jump and my right foot caught the edge my left foot went forward I tripped and was fighting to catch myself, landed on the other side and I saw Chris looking at me to see if I was alright, I threw my hands in the air and said “Landed it”.  It was the best way to shake it off and get back to it hahaIMG 0494