Taryn Morley: Always Saturday Night

Within the last year I had being hearing about crossfit and how they lift heavy. That is what perked my interest initially, becoming stronger and lifting heavy. I like most people though, was afraid of change and a bit intimidated to step foot in a ‘box’. And I am a little ashamed to admit that I was one of those women who was afraid that I might end up too bulky ha! I cringe when I hear that now. Anyway I started at Catalyst on a school outing where we practiced snatches and did the Dirty Thirty. One workout and I was hooked.
I started with Charity, actually with Coop as Charity bailed on my first session (haha) in the OnRamp program. I then went right into group classes and was convinced to do the Open. I have also done the Obstacle Training course, and Barbell Bettys 1 & 2!
Currently I am just trying to get better and faster at everything. I would really like to master the pull-up and still have skin left on my palms and I am also working on committing to the drop under on my jerk. And as of this week I am a part of the Green Army!

The Games overall may be one of my favourite days ever. I left with such sense of accomplishment and new goals and things to work on. Even though I could only pump out 11 pull-ups in event 3 and couldn’t move on to the box jumps, I gave it all I had and I know I wouldn’t have even got that many without the help of fellow competitors and my judge. A few of moments of greatness that day include: warming up for event 1 with Jess Sally and copying everything she did because anyone who can row a half marathon clearly knows what she is doing, Boo handing me weights during the competition and even helping me load my bar, Dave rushing around to find tools to cut my skipping rope to length, rowing to a near blackout, and seeing fellow competitors having so much power and greatness while remaining humble and encouraging!

I don’t think I could narrow it down to just one favourite as I just love crossfit so much. Hitting PRs are always great, dancing and singing during the 7am group while Coop says “it’s 7am in the cage but it’s Saturday night in Taryn’s head,” pulling a truck to celebrate the end of Barbell Bettys, and doing the Open and the Games. Oh and I can’t forget the moment Charity called me over to the computer only to find out that the picture Andie had taken of me had made the main Crossfit website. Proceeded by  doing a dance and yelling ‘Im famous!’ Haha But seriously I can’t imagine life without Catalyst and all of the great people I’ve met. I love the high fives, sweat, challenge, weights, and bruises.

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