Where We're Going

The box before we opened the doors in 2008. Note the water coolers.

You know where we’ve been. And now…the rest of the story.
Our goal–our business, our mission, our soul’s purpose–is to educate and inspire.
Education comes from coaching, in groups or one-on-one. Our coaches have a continuing education plan to make SURE there’s always something new to teach you. This way, we have all of the top coaches in town under one roof.
Inspiration is the flower of coaching. The stories you read–“I ran my first 5k!”, “I talked about the Open in my job interview!”, “I’m in love with exercise for the first time in my life!”–are sometimes a surprise, but never an accident.
These things don’t happen at a ‘regular gym.’ What’s different? Is it the bumper plates? The concrete blocks, the rowers, the pirate flag? Does any combination of these things make the Catalyst family? Of course not. Inspiration follows education, not access. Other gyms focus on equipment: we focus on coaching.
Our coaching includes a cognitive element: Ignite is a worldwide program. There’s an Ignite Academy in New Zealand now; did you know that? And it’s growing locally too, even in our chaotic, noisy space. We want more: we want to fix education. This is a big goal, but it’s possible through inspiration. The train runs both ways.
If we were simply trying to make a living here, we could just sit pat and smile. But if you read the previous article, you can predict what will happen next: we’ll change in an attempt to get better. Our plan is to pursue education and inspiration, period. Complacency isn’t our goal, nor is ‘market share,’ ‘profitability,’ or an IPO. Excellence is our goal, and the pursuit of excellence doesn’t end. We’ve achieved some things that others would consider ‘excellent’ already, but we want to redefine the whole paradigm. We want to change the scope of excellence, and that means changing the definition of the gym AND the classroom. Maybe, someday, the farm…but I’m getting ahead of myself.
Some of you have read ‘stories’ in local media about Catalyst’s move. Those were premature, ill-researched and based on hearsay. Thanks for your patience while we waited for the bureaucratic fog to clear. Here’s the truth:
Catalyst has purchased a new building. You’ll like it. It’s not far from our current location.
The new layout will allow for both massive open gym space AND quieter space for Ignite. We’re adding some elements you’ll really enjoy–including a bunch of toys–and we’re changing the definition of “member” for the first time since 2008.
Change makes people nervous. We want you to learn more. But we will never sacrifice the source of our inspiration–you–to achieve that end. It’s the balance of education and inspiration that makes Catalyst great. For current Catalyst family members and future members, it’s all upside.
Pending some red tape, Ignite will move in May; Catalyst will follow in August, when the main gym area is ready. Between now and then, you’ll get to experience a TON of crazy new stuff, and the Games looks to be making a huge leap forward this year as well. Thanks for being part of this.