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The 2013 CrossFit Open launches in 15 days!

Already over 70,000 athletes worldwide have signed up to measure their fitness. You can, too (you might not win. That's okay.) Just register HERE, and then attend our Open workouts on Thursdays (every CrossFit class) and Sundays (noon.) Cheer on the Catalyst Green Army in their quest to make the Top 10 Teams in Canada East!

Melanie's got a kickoff party planned for March 2 – show up with a lawn chair!


Athlete Profile: Heather Hicks
We get a lot of great people in our gym. We believe that each one has their own unique genius: their heart, their muscle-ups, their stubbornness, their overhead squat. Heather's genius is compassion: she cares about everyone. REALLY cares. Even if she didn't like CrossFit anymore, I have the impression she'd still show up every morning at 7am so as not to let the group down. She's the designer of the much-coveted 7am Group With Coop shirt, and we love her. This is her story (it's better than the picture.) 
  Obstacle Course Race Training

If you're gearing up for Tough Mudder, Spartan Race, MetCon Blue, or any other obstacle course race, you're probably doing it for one of two reasons: 
1) You want a new challenge. You're bored running 5ks all summer.
2) You want a new challenge. You're bored with using "workouts" from magazines.

CrossFit and OCRs have a lot in common: the novelty, the excitement, the feeling of I'm-in-a-group-but-alone-out-here. CrossFit can also best prepare you for what you'll face on the mountain.

Jarret Barsanti, OCR veteran, has built a program to incorporate running, obstacles, and CrossFit to prepare you for OCRs. Climb ropes, go over, go under…be READY.

OCR Training starts March 7 in a private group. You can get all the homework, all the training, and all the preparation you need. Click here to register, or call Jarret at 705-256-1344. 

Athlete Profile: Aryanna Henson

She may be the quietest Henson, but her actions and heart speak louder than words. 

In the first year I didn't really enjoy CF; a lot of the time I would find excuses to not go because I wasn'tinterested in physical activity.

I got hooked on CrossFit.


Click here to read the rest of Aryanna: The Quiet Storm.
  Ignite March Break Day Camps

Ignite incorporates exercise and novel styles of education into math, reading, memory, and dramatic play.

Our program is being adopted around the WORLD by teachers – and, more importantly, kids. They love it! 

On the March Break, we'll be offering a few spaces for kids aged 7-12. Each day will include outdoor activities, math, CrossFit Kids workouts, reading, games, and play. To register your kids, click here or call Melanie at 705-256-1344. 

Athlete Profile: Melissa Reed

There's something about Melissa.

She hasn't been doing CrossFit for long, but her skillset – and her capacity – outshines many veterans. Happy and humble, Melissa is one of the first to arrive for every class, and among the first to finish.

She's on Korah's Varsity CrossFit Team, along with Aryanna Henson (above,) and has a huge future ahead of her in the Sport of Fitness.

Read Melissa's story here.


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In case you missed it, here's what I'm up to: travelling and writing fulltime for CrossFit Media. I'll be with you for the Open, and I still coach on Tuesdays and Thursdays. See you on the platform!

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