Today's Workout: 011514

The ‘No Pain/No Grain Challenge’ is halfway done! We’re killing the row – how’s your eating?

Group warmup, then:
4 minutes of rowing for max metres
1 minute rest
4 minutes to achieve a front squat max.
5 minutes rest
Then, from FunBobby Qwasny’s Intergalactic Throwdown:
max reps in 7 minutes of
handstand push ups
back squats 135/95lbs
squat bar will be taken from the floor and the athlete has a choice of the two movements and you can split reps however you like
scoring is 1 point for a back squat 2 points for HSPU
movement standards for HSPU are 25lb rogue plates as hand positions
separated by an abmat entire hand must be on the plates
jr male is 1 point for every 115lbs back squat 3 points for each hspu
jr female is 1 point of every 65lbs back squat 3 for each hspu
if someones falling off the wall and they lockout arms before their feet hit the floor the rep counts…..BUT NO KIPPING
if the athlete is in the intergalactic division and they cant do strict HSPU then its 7 mins of back squats