Today's Workout: 020214

Sunday Morning Salvation at 9:00am – resting squat day! Get comfortable with the most important position of all!
Attempt PRs with as much warm-up, ramp-up, and rest between efforts as needed of:
1RM Front squat
1,000 meter Row
Ring Dips
Ray’s Rowing clinic yesterday was a smash. Training for speed is different from training for distance, and venturing further into that jungle can bring some delicious–or painful–surprises. Next week, Ray will be back at 10am for more! Jump into the 9am CrossFit group, and then stick around for “Hard Way Ray!”
February is Open month. From now through March, you get to live like an athlete. You get to walk like an athlete; you get to be a little distracted; you get to shoulder a little ego. Be our guest.
You’ll need to be a little more selfish: get to bed on time, even if your friends are going out. Eat an athlete’s breakfast. Practice and learn the way an athlete would. Then recover like it’s your job.
Starting tomorrow, I’ll be issuing one-day or one-week challenges to help you FEEL like an athlete. You don’t pay anything but attention. We’ll be tracking your success only by counting your high-fives. We’re not raising money for anything: do it for yourself.
Start by registering for the Open. We’ll take care of you.