Today's Workout: 021514

In teams of 2-3: The Bataan Death March
Partners face one another at opposite ends of the gym.
One Partner does a “JP” – power clean, push press, walking lunge – and continues the walking lunges to the other partner (8 minimum) The other partner begins their ‘JP’ to return the bar to its start position while the first partner rushes back.
AMRAP in 5:00. Then 1:00 max handstand pushups (one partner moves at a time.)
4 rounds.
Two big stories today:
First, one that began around 2003. A skinny kid who wrote “Kirsty” on her waiver was brought into the tiny little gym where I worked as a trainer. I was tasked with getting her stronger for hockey. The Wildcats program was still new then, but she was an early star. Skinny and impossibly blonde, “Kirsty” had an unbelievable engine–she could go all day–but not much strength or mobility. She didn’t say much, but went about her work with a piercing focus that would carry her for years.
After that first session, I was running an errand in the mall when I was approached by a very NOT-shy parent. “I’m worried about my daughter,” she said. “She doesn’t want to eat pizza like her friends. When she goes to the movies, she takes celery with her. She’s too thin.”
I assured her that, though odd, ‘Kirsty’s’ habits weren’t that bad, and I’d try to encourage the addition of more protein, fats and total calories to her diet. Mom looked relieved, as if she had complete faith in me, and left.
The kid turned out okay. Most of you know her as ‘Coco,’ and she’s getting married today. I can’t wait to find out what she signs on the register. If you don’t know Coco, you know her mom: you call her Boo, or Betty-Lou, and every afternoon she beats me at CrossFit. Happy wedding, Cokes!
The second story ran its course between 6am and 9:02pm yesterday. We capped our ‘Fit It Forward’ challenge with, “Teach A Friend To Squat Day.” We promised free OnRamp – an education-intensive introduction to CrossFit worth $199 – to every non-squatter who learned a good squat from a Catalyst family member yesterday.
Over 35 people did just that. We’ll be welcoming them soon. If you recognize any, show them your squat and ask to see theirs!
Unless we call Feb 17-21st “Hug Week,” this one will be pretty tough to beat. Thanks and much love to everyone.

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