Today's Workout: 022214

In teams of 2, complete 5 rounds for time of:

  • 40x wallball (20#/14#)
  • 30x box jump (24in/20in)
  • 20x medball toes to bar (10#/6#, squeeze medball between ankles)

You can split up the reps any way, but only 1 athlete works at a time. If you need to scale, decrease the box jump height and perform regular toes to bar.
Tomorrow, Canada will be playing Sweden (those yellow-jerseyed jerks!) for the title of Greatest Nation on Earth. We’ll be hosting the game at the Park: bring a coffee at 7am, try a few paleo snacks–and bring more, if you like–all courtesy of Carolle! Cheer with your fellow athletes, do a little mobility while you’re there. It’s going to be a riot! Kids who don’t distract from the game are welcome! 🙂
Next Friday: the CrossFit Open begins. Complete the workout at 7am, noon, or Friday Night Lights, beginning at 5:30pm. Get your punch card for judging here.
Saturday: the Central Algoma Rowing Classic at CASS. Sign up to compete in the 500m or 2000m distances. Registration sheets are at the front desk.
Sunday: Last-Chance Open workout #1! If you’re redoing the first workout, or didn’t complete it on Friday, Sunday is your only other chance for the week! We’ll start at noon.