Today's Workout: 022416

“Death by Double-Unders”
starting at 10, increase by 5 reps every minute until failure
Continue for 12 minutes. If you fail before the 12 minutes is up, you then must complete 8 burpees every minute until the 12 min is over.
Then: 30 minutes of Mobility.
WHY:This is mainly a skill oriented wod, it rewards those who have mastered the skill of DU’s. If you can consistently hit large sets of DU’s you will be able to complete the whole 12 min without doing a single burpee. If DU’s are still something you need to work on, you will still get a great workout from the burpees. Most people average 10 burpees a minute when they are fresh, 8 burpees a minute will be a challenge after a few rounds of DU’s and there will be very little rest between sets. The short amount of time will force you to do your burpees a little faster so you can earn some rest.