Today's Workout: 030416

1 snatch+2 Overhead Squats (or 1 power snatch +3 OHS)
Deadlift 225/155
Handstand Pushups
WHY: Bench Mark WOD. Todays workout is a well known CrossFit workout. The DL forces you to maintain midline stabilization causing you to hold your breath. By the time you’re done the first set of DL your heart rate is going to be high and your nervous system is going to be compromised. HSPU are challenging in any workout but they are especially challenging after 21 Deadlifts. Breathing will become even harder once you’re upside down making it hard to focus on the technique needed to get through the HSPU. This workout when done properly is very Anaerobic, its meant to be done as quickly as possible giving it a very similar feel to “Grace”. You better pack a second lunch, you’re going to be hungry.