Today's Workout: 030815

This is Michele, Karly and Shane trying to push Bobby into a snowbank. Guess who won?

“Last Chance Qualifer – 15.2”
We’ll start the judging at 12:00 noon, and run until about 2:00pm. Please be warmed up and ready when your name is called – these are VERY fast heats!
My best advice, after coaching this all day on Friday (and running through the first round myself):
If  you’re doing the workout scaled because of the pullups, Rx the overhead squat weight. Get 10 points instead of 6. Then try for a first pull-up, or just scale to your regular pull-up and keep going. Your score will end at 10, but not your workout.
If you’re not used to following a fixed pace (like Letendre did, where she broke up her pullups early,) don’t. Though I’ve been doing CrossFit for almost 8 years, I’ve never put much focus on strategy, and when I try to strategize during the Open it just makes me anxious. Fly-and-die or follow a pace, but make sure you give it all you can, and have fun. I never thought I’d quote Mike Tyson here, but “Everybody has a plan until they get punched in the face.”