Today's Workout: 031516

Deadlift 5×3
20 C+J (95/75)-OR 50% of 1RM
15 C+J (115/95) OR 60% of 1RM
10 C+J (135/115) OR 70% of 1RM
5 C+J (155/135) OR 80% of 1RM
If the prescribed weights are higher than the percentages listed, use the percentages to determine your weight.
WHY: This workout is a version of the well known workout “Grace”. It is meant to be done as quickly as possible! Your heart rate is going to beating near its max the entire time meaning you will be near your anaerobic threshold the entire workout. When we train near our anaerobic threshold we improve our ability to train at a higher intensity by forcing the body to become more efficent at working with little oxygen.Go hard!