Today's Workout: 031614

400m sprint; 50 squats. 4 rounds for time.
– or –
14.3 Last-Chance Dash!
The 10:30am Mobility class (SMS) will feature Rhymin’ Robinson:
Your back is tight
Your hamstring* cries
14.4 draws near
Come, mobilize
And, finally, a plea to NOT re-do the workout:
This is exciting. With 50 people calling your name, and telling you to go in one direction – straight ahead – it’s hard to stop when your form gets bad. Your ability to self-regulate is impaired by fatigue, anxiety, and excitement; you want to forge ahead at any cost.
We’re doing this for fun. There are three weeks left in the Catalyst Intramural Open, and two weeks of the CrossFit open. We won’t let you injure yourself by trying to ram bad form through a round hole. If your technique looks bad, you’ll be warned and given a chance to correct yourself – you ALL know how to fix bad form – and then stopped.
When I first saw this workout, I wasn’t worried: we train you with good technique, but we’re really preparing you for safe operation with marginally-good form. In real life, you don’t set your hips every time you pick up a block of wood, right? If your deadlift technique is solid, snow shoveling won’t hurt your back, even though your position is bad. We control conditions in the gym to make you better prepared for uncontrollable conditions outside the gym.
Here’s where we exert that control.
There’s a difference between lifting a very submaximal load for many reps and a load approaching your max for high reps when you’re fatigued.
Your coaches are experts in three things: inspiration, education, and keeping you safe. We hope you don’t put them in a position where they have to stop you from lifting today, but they WILL stop you if they have to. Your back will thank them later, and I hope you’re thankful at the time, though we understand if you’re frustrated. We’ll hug it out later.
Would I have stopped Stacie Tovar? No, but Tovar is competing for Fittest on Earth. She knows and accepts the risk of injury. We are competing for personal glory, points for our Intramural team, and giggles. I don’t want you to miss any of those things.
If your hamstrings or lower back are already tight today, don’t redo the workout. You’ve proven yourself: now come and cheer. If you’re not among the top 100 in the Region, don’t redo the workout. Most top competitors don’t. If we stop you, it’s because we love you. First heat starts at 12:10.