Today's Workout: 033010

Randoms and Allstar weekend 129

Above: Catalyst student coach Odie at the Ontario College Athletic Associan All-Star Game last weekend.  The West won, 94-85.

  Seven rounds for time of:
185 pound Front squat, 3 reps
7 L-pull-ups

Are you "Canada's Best Athlete?"  The Fitness Decathlon aims to find out…..but will it really shine light on athleticism?

As a society we don’t test because we don’t want to know. We put the ball on a tee to be certain of a hit. Participation earns a trophy. Podiums have five steps. There is no penalty for losing. This, when virtually every coach and player and thinker agree that losing teaches the lessons; while winning results from having learned (and applied) those lessons. Without tests or boundaries how is one supposed to grow? When everyone is a winner who is left to learn the lessons? Conscious rejection of objective measuring sticks and periodic tests suggests the decline and fall of mankind. Today we’re a species of pretenders, and wanna-bes, and (in this country) obesity. I say bring on the killer cockroaches and whoever survives can start this party over. " – Mark Twight, Self-Delusion

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