Today's Workout: 033116

Back Squat 5×10
Complete 10 Rounds for time:
2 power snatch 135/95
4 ring dips
6 Ball slams
Rest 15 seconds
Fit It Forward: Pay three compliments for every complaint you make.
WHY Back squat? A favourite of many athletes, the back squat is one of the best ways to build the posterior chain. Some would argue that the back squat is the most important lift in the health of a CrossFitter. A proper back squat requires the use of the biggest muscle groups in the body including the quads,spinal erectors, hamstrings and glutes.Developing these muscle groups will help improve every aspect of your fitness. One of the back squats biggest features is that it will strengthen your hip drive which translates over to Olympic lifting, jumping related exercises and almost everything else we do in the gym! Friends, a piece of advice: don’t skip leg day.