Today's Workout: 041014

Every 30 seconds: 1 power snatch – 8 minutes
Complete as many rounds as possible in 20 minutes of:
115-lb. push press, 10 reps
1.5-pood kettlebell swing, 10 reps
24-inch box jump, 10 reps
Yesterday we varied run distances to keep you at your aerobic threshold for 14:00.  Today, we’re focusing on other energy systems.
The Central Nervous System controls your ability to coordinate complex movements at great speed. Rate of Force Development – how quickly you can go from a dead stop to full speed – is determined by three factors:
1) recruitment – how quickly the impulse from brain to muscle can get there;
2) efficiency – how well you turn on the correct musculature without activating the incorrect musculature (this is partially limited by inhibition of the antagonistic muscles)
3) ramp-up from slow-twitch to fast-twitch muscle fiber. Every contraction of skeletal muscle starts with recruiting slower-twitch fiber and adding faster-twitch fiber as needed. How fast can you ‘ramp up’ across the spectrum?
As your CNS fatigues, your ability to generate force deteriorates. The impulse from brain to muscle may become impaired; antagonistic muscles may put the brakes on the big movers as they fatigue; and fast-twitch muscle fiber may be too tired to help. Any of these will limit your ability to move large loads long distances at high speed, which is our definition of fitness.
Enter the repetitive attempt to execute a skilled move at high speed. In other words, a snatch every 30 seconds.
Here’s what you’ll notice: in the first two minutes, bar speed and movement may actually improve as your CNS ramps up. But keep an eye on the little things: bar speed, bar path, and landing. As your CNS fatigues, these key indicators will start to miss the mark. When that happens in the 3rd or 4th minute, skip a round and try again. If performance doesn’t improve, decrease the weight, skip a round and try again. If you’re still not getting perfect snatches, call it a day and wait for the METCON: don’t reinforce bad technique.
This afternoon, you’ll probably want a nap. I hereby give you permission. Attached is a note for your boss. I’m sure they’ll honour it. Click to download:

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