Today's Workout: 041214

This is it: the last chance for your team to win the 2014 Catalyst Intramural Open!
Show up at 8:30am. Finish all 17 minutes. Earn points for loudest team, most finishers, and top 3 scores!
We’ll start Fight Gone Bad at 8:30. We’ll start a new heat every 20 minutes, with 10 people per heat. The Varsity Gauntlet will roll between some of the heats.
Fight Gone Bad: How
1 minute at each station.  1 rep equals 1 point:
Box Jumps
Push Press with 75lbs
Sumo High Pull with 75lbs
Wall Ball
Rower (each calorie equals one point.)
Take one minute of rest, and repeat for 3 total rounds.  17 minutes of holding your gut to the flame.  17 minutes of pouring cold water on your character and looking for leaks.
The Varsity Gauntlet will begin at 10am! Cheer for the teens between heats!