Today's Workout: 041514

Bench Press 3-3-3-3-3
Four individually timed rounds of:
Row 500m
21 Push Presses (115/75)
Rest no more than 4:00 between rounds. Who can complete each round in 3:00 or less?
Brain Gains From Made-in-Sault Fitness Plan – in Sault This Week.
Both the bench press and push press seek a more efficient path to arm extension.
The bench press uses an obstacle – your chest – to stop the bar when your elbow is in a relatively strong position. The push press starts from a sharp elbow angle, but momentum generated by the legs allows a ‘head start’ on the lift. An acute elbow angle requires more force to overcome; the more ‘open’ your elbows at the start of the lift, the less torque required to straighten the arm.
Key to training this effect will be tucking the elbows in both lifts. When your elbows drift out, torque is shifted to the glenohumeral joint, which is not well suited for repetitive heavy load. Being a simple hinge, the elbow will only generate force on one plane. Touching the bar low on the chest aligns the elbow with a single plane; allows a greater joint angle at the start of the lift; and reduces three-dimensional stress on the glenohumeral joint. Squeeze your lats; tuck your elbows; keep your forearms vertical; squeeze the bar hard.