Today's Workout: 060113

Catalyst-Cleanandjerkseries1-1492_zps76ed0fd7In Teams of Two:

100 double-unders (50 each)

50 HSPU total (partner holds plank)

50 Toes-Bar (partner hangs from bar)

50 dumbbell shoulder-overhead (each, may alternate)

50 walking lunges with dumbbells in rack position

100 double-unders (50 each.)

For time.

Today, Coop and the Gioias will be travelling to Milton, ON to see Shea-Lynn compete at Ontario's first Gauntlet competition, a CrossFit Kids event. Let's go Shea!

How good is this kid? Well, yesterday she won the 100m at Cities. She won the High Jump and the Relay, too.




Mostly, we're just proud of her for driving 8 hours to TRY. We know the events, but we've never seen the competition. Ole!