Today's Workout: 070715

3-position Snatch : 7 sets
150 KettleBell swings for time
Every time you put the KB down, you must complete 5 Toes-to-Bar before returning to the KB.
File this under “looks like a cupcake, tastes like bees.”  Simple mono-movement workouts like this are tough physically AND mentally.
Repetitive hip extension (KB swing) after the snatch will reinforce the recruitment of glutes and hamstrings in overhead lifts. It will also strengthen your posterior chain, teaching your body to use those same muscles instead of your back to move loads from below the knee. When lifting, your back extensors should be minimally involved (mostly to brace your spine,) while glutes and hamstrings (much bigger and stronger) do the work. KB swings teach that, as well as improving your grip.
If you drop the bell, you go straight to the opposite movement: hip flexion. You WILL drop the bell. Flex away!